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Getting Starting with a New VPS or Dedicated Account


So you are new to vps hosting, now what? You got your website up, and its running, but you haven’t done anything in the WHM, you may not know what the WHM is. So the goal of this article is to help you with the transition from shared hosting to unmanaged VPS or Dedicated hosting. […]

Update the Server Time and Change When System Crons are Ran


Click Here to skip to how to set the System Cron Times. So the server’s time is set to UTC by default. If you are unsure what that is, it’s 5 hours a head of EST. This is important when looking through logs, or if you are wondering why the your emails are reporting the […]

Accessing You Server with SFTP


SFTP literally means SSH FTP. To use SFTP, you need an FTP client that supports that protocol.  In this guide, we’ll be using FileZilla.. If you do not already have it installed on your computer, download FileZilla here: To gain access to all the files and directories on your server, you must use the root user, and the […]

Change the Outbound Sending IP for Exim


This is going to be a short guide, but it will be helpful for people who are reselling their server. What this does is it enables the resold (sub cpanel) accounts that are on a different IP address than the server’s main IP so they will send from their IP address and not your server’s main, which […]

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