Why does vCenter report ‘lost access to volume’ during a non-disruptive Storage Array event?

A question that I see asked in forums, slack channels, direct messages, etc, is why I see that access to storage was lost during events that are viewed as non-disruptive…since you know, lost access to volumes seems to be a disruptive event. By a non-disruptive event I am talking about an HBA SFP or cable […]

Using PowerShell for vCenter Task Collection

Recently I needed to collect vCenter Tasks during a script/test that I was running. I ended up using PowerShell to create a vCenter Task Collector, filtered the results and used Export-Excel to export those results to an excel.

vSphere HA Failed to Create a Configuration VVol

One of the more confusing errors when getting started with implementing vSphere Virtual Volumes is the vSphere HA failed to create a configuration VVol for this Datastore. This error can be symptom of a larger connectivity and access issue with the VVol Storage Container, but more often the issue lies in vSphere HA attempting to […]

What happens when I rename a Virtual Volume on the FlashArray?

One of the common questions I’m asked with regards to VVols on Pure Storage is “Can I rename the Data Volume on the FlashArray? If I do, what happens?”. Now, why would you want to rename the volume on the array? When Virtual Volumes are provisioned on the FlashArray they are given a “hash” that […]