FlashArray Replication, vVols and SRM 8.3 – Test Failover

VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) and FlashArray based replication will now be supported with Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 8.3! Along with the ability to leverage the API calls for SPBM Failover and Reverse operations for vVols with PowerCLI or vRO, SRM will now support the SRM recovery workflows with vVols and array based replication.

vVol Troubleshooting – What to do with a Empty VP URL

One of the more common issues I have seen when getting started with vVols is when an ESXi hosts is unable to authenticate with the VASA Providers. There can be a few reasons for this happening, so I wanted to dig into some of those reasons, how to troubleshoot them and hopefully fix them.

Too Many Authentication Failures when trying to ssh to SRM

With the release of the Photon based SRM server there were bound to be some issues pop up. One of these has to do with the sshd service and configuration. What’s the issue? Specifically the issue is with the MaxAuthTries option in the sshd.config, in which I found that it’s commented out. What does that […]

Why does vCenter report ‘lost access to volume’ during a non-disruptive Storage Array event?

A question that I see asked in forums, slack channels, direct messages, etc, is why I see that access to storage was lost during events that are viewed as non-disruptive…since you know, lost access to volumes seems to be a disruptive event. By a non-disruptive event I am talking about an HBA SFP or cable […]

Using PowerShell for vCenter Task Collection

Recently I needed to collect vCenter Tasks during a script/test that I was running. I ended up using PowerShell to create a vCenter Task Collector, filtered the results and used Export-Excel to export those results to an excel.

vSphere HA Failed to Create a Configuration VVol

One of the more confusing errors when getting started with implementing vSphere Virtual Volumes is the vSphere HA failed to create a configuration VVol for this Datastore. This error can be symptom of a larger connectivity and access issue with the VVol Storage Container, but more often the issue lies in vSphere HA attempting to […]

What happens when I rename a Virtual Volume on the FlashArray?

One of the common questions I’m asked with regards to VVols on Pure Storage is “Can I rename the Data Volume on the FlashArray? If I do, what happens?”. Now, why would you want to rename the volume on the array? When Virtual Volumes are provisioned on the FlashArray they are given a “hash” that […]