New REST API’s for vVols Objects in Pure Storage FlashArray REST API 2.14

There are some new REST API’s for vVols objects in Pure Storage’s FlashArray REST API 2.14!  Specifically operations for virtual-machines and virtual-machine-snapshots.  I won’t lie, the hardest part for me was figuring out how to use REST 2.0 with the FlashArray. The change from using standard authentication to using Oauth2 for REST 2.0 took some time. I had a lot of fun playing around and learning about them and want to share that process! 

How to Refresh VASA Certificates with vSphere 7.0

When VMware released vSphere 7.0 they disabled the ability to refresh certificates for VASA Providers in the vCenter UI. When logging into vCenter and trying to manage the certificate for the storage providers you will see that the refresh button is greyed out. Whether this option being disabled was done inadvertently or on purpose I’m […]

How to Create SOAP Trace Logs to Troubleshoot PowerCLI Errors

Ugh! That’s my first reaction to seeing a failure from PowerCLI when I’m running through a workflow with PowerShell, however, I recently learned the process of creating a SOAP trace log to better troubleshoot failures in PowerShell when using PowerCLI. Based off of prior experience, nine times out of ten the error messaging is not […]

FlashArray Replication, vVols and SRM 8.3 – Test Failover

VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) and FlashArray based replication will now be supported with Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 8.3! Along with the ability to leverage the API calls for SPBM Failover and Reverse operations for vVols with PowerCLI or vRO, SRM will now support the SRM recovery workflows with vVols and array based replication.

Too Many Authentication Failures when trying to ssh to SRM

With the release of the Photon based SRM server there were bound to be some issues pop up. One of these has to do with the sshd service and configuration. What’s the issue? Specifically the issue is with the MaxAuthTries option in the sshd.config, in which I found that it’s commented out. What does that […]