How to Access the WHM

Let’s go over how to access the WHM or Web Host Manager.  Often times you can just go to and that will take you to your WHM login screen.  However, if you have your A record pointed somewhere else or you are waiting on DNS Propagation you’ll want to user your server IP followed by /whm to get in there.

In order to access the WHM you will need to have you root user information and know your IP address.

If you do not know the root password or server IP, you must follow these links:

Now go to http://insert-the-ip-here/whm

access the WHM

If this is your first time going to the WHM you’ll be brought to the feature showcase page.  Just scroll to the bottom and click on exit to WHM.  Once there you will be brought to the main page.


That’s it!  You can now access the WHM.

To learn more about the WHM, you should look at the official documentation.

Here’s a breakdown of the interface, and a comprehensive user guide.

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