How to Access the System Console

So there are various reasons to access the system console.  You can manage your server from the command line here.  So let’s get connected.  The first step will be to log into your Cpanel.   Once logged in, you’ll want to go to the server tab.

go to server

Once on the Server tab go to the tab that says System Console.

go to console

Then click on view console only.

view console

This will open your system console and you should see a black box and it will say server login, if you don’t see that press enter and it will pop up.

system console

So now you’ll want to log in as the root user.
server login:  root
password: your root password

If you don’t have a root password, you’ll need one.

You won’t see your password as you type and that’s fine.


Now you are logged in as the root user.


If you’re looking for more information regarding system console and the command line interface, more commonly referred to SSH, there are a ton of useful tutorials and guides out there.  Here’s one that gives a decent breakdown of what it all is.

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