How to Migrate WordPress

To migrate WordPress is a fairly easy process.  There are 5 basic steps you’ll want to follow. Download your wp-content directory Export your database Install WordPress to the New Site Upload your wp-content directory Import your database First Step Download your wp-content directory.  Easiest way to do this is to connect to your account via […]

How to connect with FTP

So if you need to download or upload files or directories, FTP is your best solution.  It’s an easy way to help manage your account.  You’ll need a few things in order to begin, an FTP client (I use Filezilla), your username, and your server IP addresss. To download Filezilla, go here: To find your […]

cPanel Username and How to Find it

Your username is very useful.  Though if you are unsure what your hosting account username is, here is an easy way to find it. First, log into your hosting accounts cPanel, ( hosts will vary, but some examples are: or )… Now in the bottom left, in the Stats section, you’ll see a line that […]

How to Remove Backups — System Console

I will preface this by saying, this is only meant for those with a basic understanding of shell commands or how to use the system console.  If you want to remove backups, that’s one thing.  Don’t go all willy nilly into your account and start removing stuff since you “think” it shouldn’t be there.  Last […]

How to Access the System Console

So there are various reasons to access the system console.  You can manage your server from the command line here.  So let’s get connected.  The first step will be to log into your Cpanel.   Once logged in, you’ll want to go to the server tab. Once on the Server tab go to the tab […]

How to Access the WHM

Let’s go over how to access the WHM or Web Host Manager.  Often times you can just go to and that will take you to your WHM login screen.  However, if you have your A record pointed somewhere else or you are waiting on DNS Propagation you’ll want to user your server IP followed by […]

How to Download or Delete Server Backups — SFTP

There are a few options when wanting to download or delete server backups on a VPS or Dedicated Server.  The first will be how to manage it with SFTP.  First you’ll need an FTP client.  I use Filezilla and will explain how to use it. To download Filezilla, go here: In order to use SFTP you’ll […]

How to configure Backup Settings

In order to configure or deactivate your backups from running on your VPS or Dedicated Server you’re going to need to log into your WHM. Here is the guide on how to access the WHM You’ll see a search bar in the top left.  The search bar is your friend, ally, and hero.  I […]