How to enable Memcache and Memcached — VPS and Dedicated

If you want to be able to use caching plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, on a VPS server, you’ll want Memcached correctly enabled on your server. Here are the steps for you to install and enable it correctly.  You’ll need to be able to access your System Console and WHM in order to enable it

First part, log into your system console as root.

Once logged in you’ll need to run this command:

    yum install memcached libmemcached


Now, memcached is not configured to run at boot by default, to enable memcached to start at boot Run this command:

    chkconfig memcached on


Then start it with this command:

    service memcached start


And now memcached is installed and running.  Next we need to install PECL memcache.  Run this command and when it asks to enable, put yes and press enter:

    pecl install memcache



Okay, now you’ll need to log into your WHM and then run EasyApache to rebuild the apache server with memcache selected.

On the Exhaustive Options list you want to check memcache, and then you can save and build.


And boom!  You’ve got it. So now you use memcache for caching plugins.  For example, it’s now there for W3 Total Cache.


And a big thank you to one Mr. Boyd for helping out with this one.

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