How to add a File Manager to WHM — Dedicated and VPS

Are you more of a GUI kind of guy?  Would you rather manage your server files in a file manager?  Well, ConfigServer Explorer is a plugin you can install to your WHM that will allow you to access all server files from the WHM.

Be reminded though, if you don’t know what the files are, what they do, or why you need them, don’t delete them and don’t edit them…ever.  You can do some serious damage to your server if you delete the wrong files or directories.

In order install this, you’ll need to ssh as the root user, or you can use the system console as well.

Here is how you’ll install it once connected as root, you’ll need to entire these commands:

[snippet id=”24″]

Here is how it looks on mine.


Now that it’s installed, you need to use it on your WHM, so log into your WHM.

Then go to plugins and click on ConfigServer Explorer.  Now you have a File Manager in your WHM.  It’s pretty straight forward to use, but be sure to read through the site!  Once again, I highly recommend reading through their site before you start using it…

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