How to Restore a Backup — VPS and Dedicated

If you need to restore a full backup of your account, a great way to restore is from the WHM in your restore tools.  Depending on wither you are using Backup Config or Legacy Backup Config, you will need to access the WHM and choose which backup and user you want to restore from.

Once you are logged into your WHM, in the the search bar in the top left type backup.


By default Legacy Backup is enabled, if you haven’t changed it you will go to Legacy Restore Backups.


On this page you will see which backups you have available to restore from.  Here I have daily and weekly to choose from.  Click on which one you want to restore from.


So here you’ll select  your user, then you have to choices to either recreate the account (such as a sub cpanel that you deleted), restore sub-domains if you had removed them, restore mail configuration, and restore missing MySQL database.  If you need to overwrite a current database with your backup you’ll want to select Overwrite Same Named MySQL Databases.  Once you have the options you want, click on start restore.



Once the restore has finished you’re good to go.

Now if you are using the Backup Configuration this is how you’d restore from it.

In the search bar type backup, then go to Backup Configuration


In Backup Restoration you will see your usernames and any dates that they have backups stored on.  Click on the username and you’ll be able to select the date you want to restore from.


So depending on what you need to restore you can choose different options.  If you only want the files, uncheck Restore MySQL, if you need the databases but not the mail configuration, etc.  Then add account to queue.


That user is added to the restoration queue and you can restore it, or you can add more users if you need to and then restore.


Now it’s restoring the backup.  The time needed to complete the restore is dependent on the size of your account/backup.


The backup has finished restoring.

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