How to enable and use ClamAV

Keeping your server clean and free from nasty malware is important.  A great tool to use to scan your server for harmful files is call ClamAV.  Here I’ll go over how to enable and use ClamAV on your VPS or Dedicated Server.

First you’ll need to log into your WHM

Once you are in the WHM you’ll see an Icon on the tiles that says Cpanel, click on that.


Once you click on cpanel you’ll want to click on Manage Plugins


Now you’ll want to check clamAV and then Save


ClamAV is now installed on the server, but now you’ll need to make sure it’s active on the feature list.  So in the Search box in the top left, go ahead and type Feature and then go to Feature Manager.


You’ll want to choose the feature list you use on your packages (or just make sure each one has it).  I have default being used, select and then click on edit.  Scroll to the bottom and make sure Virus Scanner is checked and then save.


Now you’ll be able to log into your cpanel, go to the advanced section and you’ll see Virus Scanner.


Click on Virus scanner and then you’l have some choices on what you want to scan.


You can either just scan your mail, home directory, web files, or ftp files.  I generally just do a scan of the home directory.

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