Update openSSL to patch the heartbleed bug.

You may have heard about the recently discovered heartbleed bug.
Most hosting providers will patch this for you quickly. But if you want to get on top of it a bit quicker, heres how you can.

First, you can use this site to test if you are vulnerable.

If it says ‘YOURDOMAIN.com IS VULNERABLE’  then you still need the fix.

This guide requires you to stop apache, your sites will not be available for the duration ( ~ 15 minutes)

You’ll need to log in to your system console to accomplish this task.

Once logged in as root, you only need to run the following five commands.

service httpd stop

This will stop apache, you wont see any info displayed.

/scripts/upcp -force

This will force a cpanel update, you’ll see a lot of activity here.

yum update

This will update any other server applications that need to be updated.

ulsetup -force

This tool will assure your server tools are set up correctly.

service httpd start

And finally, this will start apache back up, bringing your sites back online.

Once thats all done, you should be able test your site again.

Be sure to type ‘exit‘ to log out of your system console when finished.

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