How to configure Backup Settings

In order to configure or deactivate your backups from running on your VPS or Dedicated Server you’re going to need to log into your WHM.

Here is the guide on how to access the WHM

You’ll see a search bar in the top left.  The search bar is your friend, ally, and hero.  I use it all the time!  Go ahead and type Backup.


Now go to Legacy Backup Configuration (unless you’ve already been in here and changed it to backup configuration, in which case, why are you using this guide?)


If you want to disable the backups, on Backup Status choose disable and go to the bottom and save.

If you want to change what backups you want to run you need to edit BOTH the Backup Interval and Backup Retention.

If you want to disable Weekly and/or Monthly backups you need to uncheck them from the Backup Retention line, and then save.


If you want to disable the daily backup and only keep a weekly backup, then check weekly on Backup interval, and daily should uncheck from backup retention.  Then make sure monthly is off if you want it off or on if you want it on.  After that, go to the bottom and save.



There are a few more things you can do here if you want to, but that’s the basics on how to either turn off your backups or configure which ones you want to use.

One other thing to note, if you have multiple cpanels, or you are finding that you don’t have any backups but you have them enabled, you may want to check Backup User Selection to be sure backups are enabled on the correct usernames.


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