Steps to Whitelist an IP on a VPS or Dedicated Server — WHM

Here is the second way you can whitelist an IP.  This way is more common if it’s to whitelist an IP of one of your employee’s, clients, etc since you likely will not be able to access your WHM if your IP is blacklisted.

First step you need to go to your WHM login screen.

You’ll see a search bar in the top left.  The search bar is your friend, ally, and hero.  I use it all the time!  Go ahead and type cphulk into it.


Now go to cPHulk Brute Force Protection.


From here you’ll want to go to the white list management so you can white list an IP or multiple IPs.


Simply put in the IP you need to whitelist and then click Quick Add.  Then you’re all done and taken care of.

If you are unsure what your IP or your client/customer/employee IP is, check it by having them go here: or

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