How to modify ips.remotedns to assign domains.

So you’re trying to assign a domain, and it doesn’t seem to be working. If you are using name servers that are not accepted by your server you might run into this error.

error - ips.remotedns
This is something that can be resolved quickly, and easily. I’ll be using Google as an example.

First, you will need to know what name servers your registrar is pointing your domain to.
You can get that info from your registrar, or by checking your domain on this WHOIS tool.

If using the whois tool, scroll down until you see your name servers.

Google's Nameservers

Most of the time you will only have two name servers listed, and they will not be the same as your domain name. This is OK!

Now you can use this online dig tool to find the IP address for each of the name servers.
Just put your name servers into the tool, each on its own line, and press dig.

dig tool online
Once you have the IP addressed for each of your name servers, your ready to add them.

Using WHM:

Log in to your WHM (How?)

Once inside your WHM, use the search bar on the top left and search for ‘remote’.

Click on ‘Configure Remote Service IPs’ under the IP Functions group.

Then click the tab for ‘Remote Name Server IPs’.

Enter each of your name server IP addresses on their own line in the box, then click save.

You should see something like this.

Name Server IPS in WHM

To use SSH or System Console:

You’ll need to get logged in to system console.

As always, be sure any commands you type are correct and complete before pressing enter.

Once your all logged in, all you need to do is append your name server IP addresses to the /etc/ips.remotedns file.

You can do this by typing: echo ‘IP ADDRESS’ >> /etc/ips.remotedns

echo >> /etc/ips.remotedns
echo >> /etc/ips.remotedns

Then check to make sure the file was modified correctly, using cat.

cat /etc/ips.remotedns

Your end result should look something like this.

ips.remotedns addedIf your cat shows the IP addresses you just added, you should now be able to assign any domain using those name servers.

Be sure to type ‘exit’ to log out of SSH/console when you are done.

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