How to add a File Manager to WHM — Dedicated and VPS

Are you more of a GUI kind of guy?  Would you rather manage your server files in a file manager?  Well, ConfigServer Explorer is a plugin you can install to your WHM that will allow you to access all server files from the WHM. Be reminded though, if you don’t know what the files […]

How to install htop — Dedicated and VPS

If you find that when you type htop into you command line and it says the command is not found…odds are you do not have htop installed on your server.  Here is how you can install it and start using it. You’ll need to SSH as the root user.  You can do this from the […]

How to Optimize WordPress

How to Optimize WordPress Truthfully, 99% of bad wordpress sites are because of poor plugins (or just to many of them) and images that are not optimized causing your page size to be to large.  Now these sites may look great, but they take 10+ seconds to load or eat up all your server resources! […]

How to set up W3 Total Cache — WordPress

Here I’ll go over how to set up W3 Total Cache on a Shared server and on a VPS or Dedicated Server.  While the process is very similar, there is one specific difference; one shared, you will cache to disk, on VPS and Dedicated, you will cache to memcache. If you have a VPS or […]

How to Optimize Images — WordPress

This is a guide on how to optimize images.  While this is specifically for a wordpress site, the main principles can be applied to other site builders as well.  One of the biggest reasons I see sites have issues loading slow or crashing a server is from huge page sizes.  The majority of the time […]

How to Restore a Backup — VPS and Dedicated

If you need to restore a full backup of your account, a great way to restore is from the WHM in your restore tools.  Depending on wither you are using Backup Config or Legacy Backup Config, you will need to access the WHM and choose which backup and user you want to restore from. Once […]

How to get a Disk Usage Breakdown — VPS and Dedicated

If you are running out of disk space on your account, it may be wise to find out what’s taking up so much space.  This way you can clean up your usage and manage your account better.  You’ll need to log into your system console as the root user. One you are logged in as […]

How to enable Memcache and Memcached — VPS and Dedicated

If you want to be able to use caching plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, on a VPS server, you’ll want Memcached correctly enabled on your server. Here are the steps for you to install and enable it correctly.  You’ll need to be able to access your System Console and WHM in order to enable […]