How to Create a Sub-cPanel Account

Creating a sub-cPanel account is a very useful tool that you can use, if you want to resell hosting from your server, you want to separate your domains so they can have their own IP addresses, or you want to have the ability to trouble shoot more easily issues that might pop up. So first […]

How to Change your PHP Handler — Dedicated

If you need to change your php handler, you’ll need to do so from the WHM. Once you are in the WHM you can go to the search bar in the top left and type PHP and then choose the Configure PHP and suEXEC option. Once you are on the Configure PHP and suEXEC option […]

How to enable and use ClamAV

Keeping your server clean and free from nasty malware is important.  A great tool to use to scan your server for harmful files is call ClamAV.  Here I’ll go over how to enable and use ClamAV on your VPS or Dedicated Server. First you’ll need to log into your WHM Once you are in the […]

Update openSSL to patch the heartbleed bug.

You may have heard about the recently discovered heartbleed bug. Most hosting providers will patch this for you quickly. But if you want to get on top of it a bit quicker, heres how you can. First, you can use this site to test if you are vulnerable. If it says ‘ IS VULNERABLE’  then […]

How to modify ips.remotedns to assign domains.

So you’re trying to assign a domain, and it doesn’t seem to be working. If you are using name servers that are not accepted by your server you might run into this error. This is something that can be resolved quickly, and easily. I’ll be using Google as an example. First, you will need to […]

Server Load – Basic Troubleshooting Tips

In this tutorial I will be covering the basics on trouble shooting server load and slow server issues. For this tutorial you need to be using SSH as root in to your server. You can find steps of accessing the system console here You can open a Linux/Mac OS X terminal or using PuTTY on […]

How to add a File Manager to WHM — Dedicated and VPS

Are you more of a GUI kind of guy?  Would you rather manage your server files in a file manager?  Well, ConfigServer Explorer is a plugin you can install to your WHM that will allow you to access all server files from the WHM. Be reminded though, if you don’t know what the files […]

How to install htop — Dedicated and VPS

If you find that when you type htop into you command line and it says the command is not found…odds are you do not have htop installed on your server.  Here is how you can install it and start using it. You’ll need to SSH as the root user.  You can do this from the […]

How to Optimize WordPress

How to Optimize WordPress Truthfully, 99% of bad wordpress sites are because of poor plugins (or just to many of them) and images that are not optimized causing your page size to be to large.  Now these sites may look great, but they take 10+ seconds to load or eat up all your server resources! […]